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How I Work
You get exactly what you need when you need it
You Are the Client
It's Your Project
It's my job to give you options ... advise you on the different ways your goals can be achieved, on the most lucrative and effective strategies, and the best way to leverage what's available to you.  But at the end of the day, you are the client and it's your project.  You must have the certainty you're getting a solution that best meets your needs, and sometimes that entails making changes mid-stream.  And that's why we work the way we do ... with agility and flexibility.  Read on for what that looks like --
It Starts With a Discovery Call
Setting the stage for what you'd like to achieve, expect to spend about an hour with me where we'll talk about where you are, your challenges, your vision and the goals you're after.
The Journey Begins
Then, I'll develop a comprehensive detailed Roadmap that lays out for you what we're going to build.  It typically takes about two weeks for me to complete the needed research and prepare for the review.  During the review of the Roadmap, we'll make any needed changes to the journey and collaborate on your highest priorities so I deliver the stuff that's most important to you first.
Execute & Adjust
At regular intervals as we create your new content, we'll hold a project review -- a/k/a demo -- to validate we're on the right track for what you have envisioned, and ... here's the best part ... we adjust.

While we're on the journey, there may be changes in your business that require a change in priorities.  That's okay...we adjust.

Once you see what's being built, you may be hit with inspiration that throws a monkey wrench in the original plan.  That's okay...we adjust.
The Payoff
After 25+ years of working this way, with numerous awards and recognition under my belt, here's what I know about the payoffs for you:
  •  Sometimes the most profitable ideas, the most efficient way to do something or other epiphanies come as the project progresses.  If we don't accommodate this possibility, we're in danger of missing out on the best.
  •  Being human beings, sometimes things get lost in translation from the idea through the written word to the digital world.  Only once  we see it in action, can we can say "yes, this is exactly what I need..." or, "hmm... now that I see it, if we could do x instead, that would be better..."  Being able to get this clarification before the entire project is completed allows everyone to adjust easier -- and that translates to more success for you.
  •  With you in the driver's seat, armed with options and partnered with my experience and expertise, the collective of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  In short, we accomplish more, reach greater heights, and make greater contributions to the world -- together.
Your Next Level of Success
Call me today and let's get to work on your next level of success.  If you know you want to do something within the next 6 months -- even if you don't have all your thoughts fleshed out just yet -- let's get on a Discovery Call, talk about the possibilities and get you into my work queue.  My direct phone number is 803-463-0462.
To your success -

Carolyn Yon
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