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Funnel Hacker's Cookbook
What ingredients to put in what order
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Funnel Hacker's CookBook 
Breaks down all types of sales funnels into easy-to-read “recipes”, so anybody can easily create them.   DOZENS of different recipes!  No more guesswork about which type of funnel to use!
What is The Funnel Hacker's Cookbook?
"When you look at it, and then eat an amazing cake, it almost seems like magic that someone could make something that looks and tastes that good.  But to the baker, he knows it's just eggs, flower, sugar and water, used in certain proportions and in a certain order.  The same is true for sales funnels.  Funnels that are making millions of dollars aren't magic.  The funnel builders who are creating them just know what ingredients [elements] go into each page, which pages go into each funnel, and in what order.  The Funnel Hacker's Cookbook was created to help demystify funnel building and give you the frameworks for the most successful funnels online." 
~ Russell Brunson
How Funnels Are Built
Elements are the most basic building blocks of a funnel.  These are all the types of things that can go on a page.  It could be headlines, paragraphs of text, images, videos, countdown clocks, etc.
All the elements go on a page.  A page is a bunch of elements put together in a special order to try to get people to take a certain action.
A funnel is a series of pages put in a strategic order.  The goal is to take your customer on a journey that makes them most likely to go from a prospect, to a customer, to a client.
And it's all laid out for you in the
Funnel Hacker's Cookbook
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