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   Discovering My Passion
   My Passion Discovered
My Passion Discovered
From the Desk of Robert Scalden
Written on July 17th, 2014
I fell in love with building computer software when I had to automate some of our business operations in my previous career. I was in the private investigations/process service business and needed to create a system that would track the legal papers I delivered and handle the billing. This was pre-internet, pre-Windows, pre-just about everything we know about computers today! My consultant had introduced me to a software utility that let me build exactly what I needed. When I put my new system to work, I was thrilled - “Yes! This is exactly what I want!” From then on, I was able to handle almost three times as many process services deliveries and it saved me TONS of time in manually completing forms. It wasn’t long before this euphoria turned into a desire to go back to school and learn more about how to do it.

But, I had a pretty tough row to hoe ahead of me --I had no cushy savings account, no family to turn to if things went sideways. I didn’t know exactly how I was going to do it, I just knew I had a passionate, obsessive drive to do it. So I dug into the journey that would become my future.
Continuing the Journey
   Continuing the Journey
   Continuing the Journey
Over the ensuing 25+, I have worked in various consulting and employee capacities, and once the internet took hold, my focus was on building business web sites – the type of web sites that performed business functions…web sites that actually did something. And I built web sites for all types of industries…from non-profits to hazardous waste treatment (of all things!) to collecting county taxes. I guess I got to be pretty good at it because my teams and I received some pretty prestigious awards and recognition for some of the systems we built, both at a local and a national level.

Yet, there was something missing. Yes, I’d worked with and learned from some wonderfully talented people, for which I will forever be grateful. We had done some great work I was quite proud of that had truly transformational impact. But I had a yearning to do something of more significance. I’d always been attracted to quirky businesses -– I mean, hazardous waste treatment?…it was quirky alright, but it didn’t really touch my heart. But once again, I didn’t know exactly what the end picture would look like, I just knew a new journey was afoot.
Throughout my entire career, my drive has continued to come from that thrill when a client says “Yes! This is exactly what I want!” and these days I’m led to bring that experience to the small business community.

Never before in our history has there been such opportunity for small businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches, teachers, solopreneurs – even “kid-preneurs” -- to build their dreams. Technology has leveled the playing field for the “little guy” where proven, profitable strategies are at your fingertips, where online tools and integrations allow you to be more responsive and agile than the “big guys”, to create your own unique edge.

That’s where my heart is today…to help you build your unique edge…your new journey...to help you build your dream.  Call me today and we can do it together.
To Your Success -
Carolyn Yon
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